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A Brief History

Who I Am

I have been a writer since I discovered that people strung words together to tell stories. I am also a polyglot; I have written creatively in Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Latin, and Irish. I have finished three novel projects and published stories in several journals, anthologies, and Chanticleer Magazine. I'm a native of Gary, Indiana, and I live in Bellingham, WA.

What I Do

​I am fortunate to have the opportunity to teach Spanish, Portuguese, and German at an excellent school, Western Washington University, in Bellingham. I also do freelance editing, promotion, and translation. I am involved in the vibrant Bellingham writing community: I am a member of Red Wheelbarrow Writers, Whatcom Writers and Publishers, and Upstart Crows. I spend considerable time encouraging writers to tell their stories. Doing so is the premise of my blog, the Dwyer Café. I have also written 100 songs.


​I teach because I have skills I can impart to a generation that needs them, and because I still love to share what I know with energetic students of all ages. I live in Bellingham because, by random luck, I have found one of the most delightful settings in the United States in which to thrive. I write because it's genetic; my great-grandfather was an excellent writer, and my sons carry on my legacy. I am thriving as a writer because my town is home to not only numerous successful writers, but to supportive, nurturing, successful writers. I can do nothing but thank God for the life I'm being allowed to lead.

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