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See what I'm up to as a writer and as the leader of the Dwyer Café/Red Wheelbarrow Writers Write Outs™.

5/23/2015: Caffe Capanna, Point Roberts, WA


Grab your NEXUS pass or your passport, and come on over to the other side! We're going to Write Out at a gem of a café a few feet from the Strait of Georgia, with a view of Galiano Island. With any luck, some of the local writers based on this Whatcom County enclave will come by to meet and greet. But as always, your words will be the main focus of the day. Check out the venue here: Caffe Capanna



8/8/2015: Ferndale Public Library


We will gather in the Meeting Room and work from 10 till 2. The room accommodates more writers than most venues, so we'll use a sign-up sheet to prioritize readers. You will love this space, and as always, the energy of Writing Out in the company of kindred spirits will push you to excellence and great productivity.



September, 2015: Details coming soon!


Every Saturday in September, we will be Writing Out together during a month-long event I will be able to divulge soon. The ongoing nature of the event will give unprecedented opportunities to network and bond with new and old writer friends.

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